Functioning of IQAC

  • Organized five days workshop (20.6.2017 to 24.6.2017) in 22 Departments for preparation of Question Bank on CBCS Pattern.
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) has been sent to NAAC on 18.08.2017.
  • Organized parent-teacher meeting (9.9.17 to 14.9.17) in different Departments.
  • IQAC meeting for this academic session was held on 18.10.2017.
  • Organized a seminar Talk (1.11.17) on “Modalities of Internal Academic Audit” in which Prof. Susmit Pani delivered the talk.
  • Organized Extra Mural Lecture (9.11.17) on “RTI Act and Good Governance” in which Sri Nishikanta Mohapatra delivered the talk.
  • Organized Internal Academic Audit (28.11.17 to 30.11.17)  for all Regular Departments by inviting eminent professors as external members.
  • Organized interactive session (18.01.2018) on conversion of marks to Grades in which Dr.Tribikram Sarangi, Ex-Controller of examinations and Associate Professor of Botany delivered the talk. Large number of students participated in the Interactive session.
  • Organized HOD meeting (03.02.2018) on modalities of teacher evaluation by students and finalization of feedback format.
  • IQAC has taken initiative for the evaluation of teacher by the students in all the Departments.
  • Second IQAC meeting (16.03.2018) for reviewing the activities of IQAC.
  • Organized Alumni meeting (24.04.2018) for collecting feedback from the Alumni and for seeking their suggestions for the Quality improvement aspect. 
  • Organized preparatory meeting on 2nd May, 2018 for organization of Hands-on-Training Programme on Computer applications.
  • Organized seven days Hands-on-Training Programme with Computer Science applications in collaboration with Computer Science Department of BJB Autonomous College for the staff members (Teaching and Non-teaching) of the College, (16.05.2018 to 24.05.2018).
  • Organised workshop on Gender Sensitization in collaboration with Internal complaint cell on 29.06.2018 in which Smt. Harapriya Nayak, DSP, BPSPA has addressed the students.
  • Organized Extra-Mural Lecture on “Enduring Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi” on 26.07.2018.
  • The Printed form of Question Bank was distributed to six different Departments as well as to library.
  • Initiative was taken for organization of Orientation/Refresher Courses based on CBCS syllabus.  


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