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Year of Establishment: 1963

Buildings: Arts Block

Classroom: 3

Laboratory: N/A

Library: 1

Sanctioned Posts: 4

Sanctioned student strength: 224

The education vision of the Department of History is to help write and teach the History of India and the world in a way that is both cosmopolitan and rooted in our national experience. To empower humans and society through modeling and designing systems that are accountable, trust worthy, sustainable and ethical and through synthesizing and advancing fundamental information, networks and Human behavior. We believe through studying History our students will develop a deep understanding of the events of past and able to analyses and interpret trends throughout History. This will enable them to:

    1. Be aware of the diversity of experience of their peers and society.
    2. Learn from the past to promote tolerance, respect, rule of law, democracy and liberty.
    3. Develop an intellectual curiosity and lifelong interest in the study of History.

The Department of History is one of the oldest Department of B.J.B (Auto) college. It runs a prestigious programme of under graduate Studies (BA), which was launched in 1957. The department focuses on teaching in archaeology, ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history with particular emphasis on study of economic, social and cultural changes, national movements, regional history (Odisha History) etc. The mission of the Department of History at the B.J.B (Auto) College is based on the belief that an understanding of History is essential not only to complete education but also to a life of wider awareness, fulfillment and responsible citizen. We seek to instill in students passion for learning about the past to enable them gain a better understanding of the contemporary world and make connections to the Future.

The department aim to be an open and welcoming site for a robust exchange of ideas and encouragement of scholarly excellence. We are committed to developing in student’s vital skills such as critical thinking, analysis, verbal expression and effective writing.

B.A Honours in History

M.A in History

Students are taught by lecture method. Question- answer session is usually followed after the end of a chapter. Power-point method is also used for teaching.

  1. A. (Hons.) History
  2. A. History
  3. Generic Elective (at UG level)









Seminars/Workshops/Extramural Lectures Organised (within last 5 years)


1.      Seminar on “How to prepare a Project in Social Sciences” conducted by Dr. Mandakini Das (Retd. HOD, P.G. Dept. of Pol. Science, S.

B. Autonomous College, Cuttack) on 02.02.2018.

2.      Seminar on “Study of History: Theories and Methods” conducted by Dr. Somarani Chand (HOD, P.G. Dept. of History, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar) on 26.03.2018.

3.      National Seminar on “Temple Architecture in Odisha and its Preservation” conducted by Dr. Sushanta Kumar Kar (Deputy Superintending Archaeologist, A.S.I, Amaravati Circle) on 11.08.2018.

4.      Annual Seminar on “Development of

Indigenous Culture of Odisha” conducted by Dr. Hemanta Kumar Mohapatra (Retd.

Associate Prof. of History) on 01.03.2019.

5.      Seminar on “Jainism in Odisha” conducted by Shri Indrajit Mohanty (Retd. Associate Prof. of

History) on 10.08.2019.



6.      Annual Seminar on “Odisha is to reawaken” conducted by Dr. Amiya Kumar Ratha (Retd. Associate Professor of History) on 28.02.2020.

7.      Seminar on “Rise and Retrogression of Odisha” conducted by Dr. Amiya Kumar

Ratha (Retd. Associate Professor of History) on 28.05.2022.

8.      Seminar on “Conservation and Preservation of Heritage” conducted by INTACH, Bhubaneswar Chapter on 22.11.2022.

9.      Seminar on “Evolution of Man – an Inter- disciplinary perspective” conducted by Dr. Shabindra Samal (Asst. Prof., Dept. of Zoology, B.J.B Autonomous College) on 03.02.2023.

10.  Annual Seminar on “Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in the 21st Century” conducted by Dr. Kharavela Mohanty (U.G.C. Emeritus Fellow)

on 25.03.2023.








Distinguished Alumni

1.      Bijaya Kumar Pattnaik (Retd. Chief Secretary of Odisha)

2.      Shri Guru Mohapatra (I.A.S)

3.      Shri Sampad Mohapatra (Journalist)

4.      Miss Geeta Nair (Hollywood Film Producer)

5.      Smt. Mitali Madhusmita (IRS)

6.      Dr. Susmit Prasad Pani (Member of OSHEC)

7.      Dr. Jayanti Rath (Former Superintendent of Odisha State Museum)

8.      Shri P. K. Senapati (IAS)

9.      Dr. Sandhya Patnaik (Retd. Assistant Faculty)

10.  Sushree Sagarika Sarangi (OAS, 20`17 Batch)