Vision & Mission


To be a premier educational institution in the country, committed to achieving holistic development of learners by building their capacity in nation building and igniting curiosity among them in their transformative journey.


  • To provide a high-quality learning environment for imparting contemporary and future ready knowledge to students in meaningful ways.
  • To motivate the students in realizing their potential through active participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To promote IKS (Indian Knowledge System) through integration of essential components in the curriculum and to foster a deep understanding of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among students, enabling them for a successful entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • To create a vibrant campus wherein learners, teachers, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders collaborate and contribute to augmenting research and added multi-faceted activities.
  • To propel the institution in its positive trajectory thereby enhancing the knowledge, skill, and competency of students to contribute to the society with humility, humanity, and empathy.
  • To act as a catalyst for inculcating scientific temper, moral uprightness, ethical values and social commitments for preparing students as responsible citizens of the country.