College Administration:

The college claims with pride the practice of E-governance in the administrative process in order to adhere to transparency and technical competence thereby making it paperless administration.
Some of the steps followed in this regard are:
1. The office of the principal communicates all information, notices and orders to the students teaching and non-teaching staff of regular and self- financing programs through the official college website and other digital media.
2. All programs and events organised by the Govt. of Odisha or initiated for students’ participation such as under Mo Sarkar, Mo College Abhiyaan, intercollege competitions are communicated to the office of the principal through email or digital media and responses / compliance from the college to the Govt. is also done digitally with immediate effect.
3. The daily attendance of all salaried staff (teaching and non-teaching) is recorded through biometric system (both finger and face) and scrutinised at the end of every month. The mandatory 7 hours stay in college therefore is strictly administered digitally.
4. All kinds of leave availed by the staff members are communicated to the principal’s office by email for necessary information and action.
5. In accordance with the E-governance norms, students email any kind of grievance, RTI related matters, queries for redress and the same is carried out with utmost care, secrecy and integrity.

The HRMS aims at simplifying the documentation of the employee details a digital database and making information easily accessible. Every employee of the college is assigned a user id and password using which they can access the data stored. The HRMS contains the employee profile, service book details, pay slips, arrears, service continuity etc. Data loss is minimised by this online system. It also is convenient in forwarding the Performance Appraisal of various employees.
Link to HRMS ODISHA: https://hrmsodisha.gov.in/

The IFMS has been a very crucial step towards integrating technology and financial administration. In BJB college (Autonomous) in collaboration with TCS all financial bills such as salary bills of teaching and non- teaching employees, the arrear bills, contingency bills, pension bills of retired staff members, Govt. bills are all sent through the online mode for requisition and dispersal. This digital and modern mode of financial management ensures safety and transparency in administration.