The aim of the Institutional Development Plan is to make students a successful citizen by improving the quality and infrastructure of educational institutions. It will be act as an indispensable tool through which higher education institutions will be encouraged to decide their mission, vision, and goals and document those in the form of their Institutional Development Plans (IDP) that leads to design and implement programmes that will enhance their entire ecosystem, which includes faculty, students, infrastructure and facilities, avenues for research and development, internal and external stakeholder engagements and many other elements.

  • Major Objectives under IDP for our institution:
    1. Striking for Curriculum Excellence objectives.
    2. Creating fields of objectives for pedagogical excellence.
    3. Academic administration for better execution, monitoring and evaluation.
    4. Examination reforms to ensure time bound result publication, reduction of man
    power, fund generation, computation accuracy, etc.
    5. Infrastructural Development & Maintenance
    6. Partnering with knowledge Hubs
    7. Automation & Information Technology
    8. Improving stakeholders involvement.
    9. Manpower management to reduce the gap of teacher student ratio and address to other
    gaps created through retirement/transfer of employees.
    10. Legal compliances
    11. Creating Institutional Brand Image
    12. Enhancing research and development activities.
    13. Accelerating social outreach programs to execute social responsibility of the
    institution and encourage students for their larger participation.
    14. Improving the rate of employment.
    15. Supporting students from disadvantage background.
    16. Promotion of art and culture among students.
    17. Promoting sports and games activities among students.
    18. Increasing overall retention rates
    19. Identifying new sources of funding for various activities of the college.
    20. Opening scope for higher learning on sustaining mode.

Detail about Officers in the Core-Committee of the IDP:

Head and Nodal Officer
Mobile Number
e-Mail Address
Principal, B.J.B. Autonomous College
Prof. Gulam Moinudin Khan
IDP Coordinator
Dr. Bibhabari Bal
Deputy IDP Coordinator
Mrs. Barsha Tripathy
Account bursar
Prof. Tribikram Sarangi
OIC, Building and Maintenance
Sri Chinmoy Krishna Patel