General information


  • Three Year Degree courses shall spread over a period of Six Semesters in three Academic years, PG Courses shall spread over a period of Four Semesters in two Academic years and Five year Integrated PG Courses shall spread over a period of ten semesters in five academic years
  • A candidate of UG for non CBCS system shall have to clear each Semester securing 30% marks in theory subject/paper of the semester (Mid-Semester + Semester End), 40% marks in practical papers and 36% in
  • Each of the Six Semester Examination shall include one Mid-Semester and the Semester End In every Academic Year there shall be two Semesters.
  • In five year integrated courses (IMBA, IMSc ETC, IMSC BI, IMCA, BALLB) there shall be 10 semesters i.e., six-semester in the Degree level and 4 semesters in Post-Graduate There shall be a Mid-Semester and a Semester End examination in each semester.
  • In G courses like MSW, MAJMC and MCFC MA PM&IR and MA THM, MBA Agri Business there shall be four Semester Examinations. There shall be Mid-Semester Examination in each semester.
  • For B.Ed there shall be two year end examination over two years of course with assignment
  • Examinations for all the odd number of semesters like 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9thshall be held normally in the early part of the month of December and the semesters of even numbers like 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th shall be held in the month of April every year.
  • The duration of examination shall be as follows:


Theory paper of


40 marks


2 Hour Duration

Theory paper of


60/80 marks


3 Hour Duration

Theory paper of


25 marks


       1 Hour Duration

Practical paper of


25 marks


3 Hour Duration






Practical paper of


40 marks


3 Hour Duration


  • All Mid-Semester examination shall be of one Hour duration irrespective of total marks assigned or the
  • There shall be no Back-Paper appearance in Mid-Semester Examination (traditional and CBCS courses prior to 2019). However special provision can be made only for Students representing College at National/International level in NCC / NSS/Games and Sports with prior permission from the HOD.
  • Pass mark for a Semester: Each Semester shall be treated as a separate unit and the candidate shall have to pass in individual subjects/papers as the case may The marks secured in Mid -Semester and Semester End examination shall be taken together to consider the pass/fail result of the candidate.
  • To clear a Semester a student shall have to secure 30% marks in individual theory paper/subject, 40% marks in Practical and 36% marks in aggregate (all papers in the Semester combined together), (for traditional non CBCS system).
  • Provision for Back Paper: A student securing below 30% marks in theory paper (Mid-Semester marks + Semester End marks combined together) and below 40% marks in Mid-Semester and Semester End marks combined together in the non CBCS Semester examination can appear in the subject/paper he/she fails to secure pass mark as Back Paper or in any paper to make up the deficit for required aggregate
  • Special Back Examination facility for all semesters shall also available for students of both Degree & Self Financing (SF) Courses.


SF (UG)-Within 6 years from the admission year

SF (PG)-Within 4 years from the admission year)        

SF (BEd.)-Within 4 years from the admission year

SF (Int. PG)-Within 7 years from the admission year (7th ,8th,9th & 10th Sem)

  • Students shall appear in Back Paper examination along with the same Semester students of their successive two Admission Batches. However the question shall be  set as per the syllabus meant for the Admission Batch from which a student shall appear in Back Paper
  • Special Back: Subject to approval of competent authority, a special back examination may be held for students who failed to clear the semester examination in the stipulated three chances
  • Improvement Examination: A candidate securing less than 60% but more than 36% (subject to clearance of all semester examinations) in honours papers combined together can appear for improvement after he/she passes the final degree examination.

          For improvement a student can avail immediate chances with the next batch of students, once during the odd semester (November – December tentatively) and the other during the even semester (April – May tentatively).

          Such attempts for improvement shall not be treated as back paper. On the basis of the marks of improvement (Only if the candidate improves) fresh and revised mark sheet and provisional certificate shall be issued to him/her with intimation to the Controller of Utkal University (for non CBCS system).


  • Award of Distinction: A student appearing in Back-Papers under the provision shall not be awarded Distinction even if he secured marks necessary for award of



Minimum percentage of pass marks in each theory courses shall be 40 and each practical courses 50. In aggregate, a candidate has to secure 45% marks in order to be declared pass, subject to condition that he/she must have passed in each individual theory and practical classes.

A candidate failing to secure 40 percent in any theory courses and 50 percent marks in any practical course(s) in the year end examination(s) shall be allowed     to appear at the examination in that course(s) as back papers and be given maximum three consecutive chances (One- Regular and Two- Back Paper) to pass in the concerned course(s). The internal marks  secured by the candidates in that course(s) shall be retained as such.

At the final qualifying examination award of division shall be considered out of 1700 marks. In award of division marks obtained by a candidate, both in theory and practical papers, shall be taken into consideration. Division shall be awarded as per the following.

First class 1020 marks and above (60% and above) Second 765 to 1019 (45% and above but below 60%).


guidelines for person’s with disabilities:

·         The facility of Scribe/Reader will be allowed to the students who have disability of 40% or more if so desired by the students.

·         The qualification of scribe should be one step below the qualification of the candidate taking examination.

·         In case of emergency there will be flexibility on restrictions of Scribe/Reader.

·         Compensatory/Additional time 20 minutes per hour of examination will be given to the candidates.

·         Letter of Undertaking for using Own Scribe is to be submitted to the exam section.



The punishment shall be awarded to the candidate as detailed below:

  • Possession and/or utilization of incriminating material – The result of paper concerned of the examination shall be cancelled and awarded Zero in that
  • Misconduct inside the examination hall – The present result of the relevant paper shall be cancelled and awarded zero in that
  • Misconduct outside the examination hall – The present result shall be cancelled & FIR shall be lodged under Odisha Conduct of Examination Rules – All such reports shall be communicated to his/her parent.
  • Possession of incriminating material not connected to the subject/paper of examination

The candidate shall be exonerated of the M.P. charges and his/her results shall be published on merit.

The report of malpractice and report submitted by the subject expert and decision of

M.P. committee shall be placed before the Examination Committee for award of punishment. The result of the candidate shall be marked as M.P. and the result will be withheld in case the punishment has not been awarded till the date of publication of the result.