Question Pattern of Examinations


  1. The question papers carrying 80 or 60 marks shall contain two alternative questions from each unit. The total number of questions will be equal to the number of units in the syllabus of each paper.
  2. Each alternative shall carry 16 marks for non-practical subjects having full marks 80 and 12 marks for subjects with practical having full marks 60.
  3. The question papers carrying full marks 40 shall contain two alternative questions from each unit carrying 8 marks each.
  4. The question pattern of MSW will contain 4 questions with two alternatives each having 20 marks.
  5. The question papers having 70 marks (IMCA) will have two sections. First section will contain five compulsory questions carrying 2 marks each. The second section will contain four questions (with two alternatives) having 15 marks each.
  6. The question papers of MBA-AB will be of 80 marks containing 5 questions, one from each unit. Each question will be of 16 marks with two alternatives. The last question (which is from the last unit) will contain two short notes each having 8 marks as one alternative.