Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Prof. Itishree Padhi

Coopted from Brihadananyaka Upanishad
“ Asothama Sadgmaya;
Tomosoma Jyortirgmaya”
(From Ignorance to Knowledge; From Darkness to Light)

Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Autonomous College, I believe, foots on this and spreads this message since its inception.

I pen down this message with heartful of emotions and alluring reminiscence of my long association with this great institution which could never be expressed in words.

A cascade of wisdom, BJB Autonomous College is a tale of resilience, perseverance and hope.

In this era of challenges and uncertainties, I find the younger crop is ferociously talented.   Their minds are like pattern- spotting machine with top notch problem-solving skills loaded with brimming critical thinking. At the same time, they have to be perfect and respect experience. There is always a line of another group waiting to take over their place if they goof up.

When youths are ready to unlock their true potential, want to unleash the inner super-hero by discovering powerful personality traits they possess, this institution makes every single effort to get their dreams fulfilled. With promise to progress, we prepare our young minds with the principles of life, ethos and values paving their path to meet and make the best use of opportunities to embrace the world.

Life is not always black or white. There is always a grey shade to it. Issues and situations are nuanced and complex and addressing them is neither simple nor straight-forward. This learning center makes our blooming bunch learn the tricks of life smartly. Being smart also means knowing when to ask for help, after all !!

As a responsible citizen of the country, my mind is constantly grappling with certain issues our compassionate youth group is facing today. Why there is conflict between human and wild life ?… Why so much social sufferings like emptiness from inside, fear of losing loved ones, frightful competitions, substance abuse, safety of girls, empathy for elderly people and so on. Why we lag behind protecting our own environment ? Protection of blue – ocean and green – forest are bound to happen for human survival. What do we do when we cut the strings of our rich cultural heritage ?  These are all prerequisites and concerns for the safe survival of our future generations.

Virtue begets Virtue. If we are not consciously conscious of our surroundings, we may end up jeopardizing our own future generations.

Together let’s weave a tapestry of compassion and commitment to secure a future where our children will remain an enduring symbol of unity and strength. Let’s write the next chapter together. Let’s craft a monolith out of heterogeneity and demolish the differences that divide us. We need one hand to slap, but two hands to clap.- means Togetherness is joy. Let’s embrace and protect ourselves through togetherness and be a symbol of national identity.

Personally, I feel the calling of a holistic, inclusive approach – inclusivity of all – Man, God and Nature – crossing all boundaries incorporating everyone beyond caste, class, creed, race or gender. From sympathy to empathy, attitude to gratitude, under one umbrella our youngsters learn the art of living through this great institution.

Even today, we pedagogues communicate and are bonded with our mentees through the same basics of chalk and duster. I see boundless possibilities in our children and… I simply love them. Let’s ….Grow and Glow… together.

With Warm Wishes
Prof. Itishree Padhi
Principal of B.J.B Autonomous College