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Computer Science is the systematic study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and of practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. Computer scientists invent algorithmic processes that create, describe, and transform information and formulate suitable abstractions to model complex systems. The study is devoted to theoretical foundations of computation and practical techniques for their implementation in computer systems.

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1998. The Department offers B Sc Computer Science (H) course since the day of establishment with an intake capacity of  32. From the year 2023, the Department offers M Sc Computer Science course with an intake capacity of  32.

  • The vision of the department is to produce quality graduates trained in the latest technologies in the area of Computer Science, while at the same time presenting the ethical and social issues associated with Computer Science.

  1. Department provides high-quality education that prepares the graduates for success in their professional practice and advanced studies.
  2. To provide a learning environment that helps students to enhance problem solving skills.

The department adopts the following teaching methods to improve the student learning:

  1. Chalk and talk (lecture method)
  2. Use of ICT, overhead projector, internet and technology
  3. Use assessments to improve and evaluate students learning
  4. Learning through experiments
  5. Seminars
  6. Classroom discussions
  7. Assignments
  8. Projects for final year students

Sc. Comp. Sc. (H) & M Sc in Comp .Sc.

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Extra mural  Lectures

State level  Seminar




Annual Seminar on

06.03.2019 on IOT




Annual Seminar on

17.03.2020 on Adhoc Networks




Annual Seminar on

19.04.2022 on Sensor Networks




Topic : Recent Trends and Challenges in IT Sectors

Annual Seminar on

19.04.2023 on Fractal Graphics


Name of the staff




Ashish Mohan Singh

Computer Programmer