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  • The Department of Statistics was established in 1973, with statistics as an intermediate subject. Statistics (pass) in degree stage was introduced in 1979-80 and Statistics (Honours) was introduced in 1992-93. Now the department is providing B.A. / B.Sc. core course and B.A. elective course (at U.G. level). The department has adopted semester Examination and Choice-Based Credit System. The students from the department of Economics or Mathematics or Computer Science can participate in the courses offered by the department. The sanctioned strength of teaching post is 02 and student strength is 24 (16 for Arts and 08 for Science). The number of academic support staff in the department is 02. Free consultancy is provided to students of other departments for analyzing and interpreting their data and preparation of report. The department has internet facility for staff members and students, one classroom with ICT facility and one laboratory. The number of books in the department library is 374.

Our vision is to lead academic Department of Statistics in impact on science, technology and society through our own work and the actions of our alumni and others we train. We recognize the opportunity to influence the future of undergraduate statistics education by innovatively teaching how to connect statistical thinking to scientific, technological and societal challenges. We teach and advise with genuine care for students and their learning in and out of the classroom.

We accomplish our mission and pursue our vision as a team that includes valuable, rewarding and fulfilling roles for all. We value the diverse skills and interests of our members and recognize that our distinct efforts are important contributions to a complete mission and vision.

  • The mission of the Department of Statistics at B.J.B. Autonomous College is to develop and apply statistical methods to solve problems and grow knowledge in the state. We share statistical knowledge, created by others and us, with students through our teaching, consulting, collaboration and professional presentations.

B.A Honours in Statistics

B.Sc Honours in Statistics

There are four levels of prioritized topics for the course. The highest priority emphasized on understanding basic knowledge, following by methods for investigation of second priority, probability and inference in the third priority and more advanced methods for investigating data involved in the fourth level. The seven ideas introduced are data, variation, distribution, representation, association and modeling relations between two to three variables, probability models for data generating process, sampling and inference. The procedures adopted for teaching the college statistics course are as follows:

  1. Emphasize statistical literacy and develop statistical thinking
  2. Use real data
  3. Stress conceptual understanding rather than mere knowledge of procedures
  4. Foster active learning in the classroom
  5. Use of ICT, overhead projector, internet and technology for developing concepts and analysing data
  6. Use assessments to improve and evaluate students learning

The interactive materials allowed students to learn statistical concepts on their own. In addition, due to immediate feedback for the practice materials provided in the interactive materials, students are motivated in learning.

The department adopts the following teaching methods to improve the student learning:

  1. Chalk and talk (lecture method)
  2. Problem solving method
  3. Learning through experiments
  4. Seminar
  5. Classroom discussions
  6. Assignments
  7. Projects for final year students based on statistical techniques
  8. Framing questionnaires or conducting surveys or handling and interpreting data
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Dr. Niranjan Mishra

Retd. Pricipal

B.J.B. Auto. College



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Retd. Vice-Principal

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Dr. Mamata Kanungo

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