About Department

Department: Education

Establishment: 1970

Buildings: New Arts Block

Classroom: 14, 05,

Library/Lab: 12

Sanctioned Post: 04

Sanction student Strength: 32

  1. To develop the all-round personality of the students enrolled in the Education Department.
  2. To make the department of Education an effective agency of bringing out the best in every student and help their personalities to grow to the fullest extent possible.
  3. To organise curricular, co-curricular and other curricular activities in an effective and meaningful way.
  4. To bring about changes in the behaviour of the students in respect of cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
  5. To make the students ideal citizens of the county and instil in them good virtues, social qualities and selfless services for the county.
  6. To provide right type of education to make them employable, self-sufficient and help they lead a successful life.
  1. To provide better quality education to the students by organising different curricular and other curricular activities.
  2. To bring ICT into the classroom transaction for effective communication and learning.
  3. To produce men of good character and integrity.
  4. To prepare the students of education to be responsible and useful citizens of this country and help them to participate in all areas of developmental process and nation building.
  5. To provide adequate internship training to the students for developing their pedagogical skills and make them effective agents of social change and reconstruction as perspective teachers.
  6. To develop the inventive and creative talents of the students by conducting different research projects/ activities.

B.A Honours in Education

  1. We adopt student centric interactive teaching learning process.
  2. We also adopt lecture method with teaching aids.
  3. While teaching we use audio-visual teaching learning material and smart board project method.
  4. We have model question bank.
  5. We adopt remedial classes with surprise class test.
  6. The department conduct seminar from time to time to develop their academic and communicative skills.
  7. To develop there pedagogical skills we provide adequate internship training to students which in part of them course.
  8. Referred books, online sources and interactive classes are encouraged giving ample scope for student’s participations.
  9. Revision classes are taken as per students requirements.
  1. BA (HONS)

Dr. Kalpalata Patri-  1. Organised Workshop on Gender Sensitization in collaboration with Internal complaint cell  On 29. 06. 2018

  1. Organised Extramural lecture on ‘’ Enduring relevance of Mahatma Gandhi ‘’ on 26.07.2018
  2. Organised Extramural Lecture on ‘’ Branches of philosophy ‘’ on 14.08.2018.
  3. Organised Extramural Lecture on vigilance awareness week on 01.11.2018
  1. Prof (Dr) Hrushikesh Senapaty: Former Director, NCERT, New Delhi, Presently Prof Of Education, RIE BBSR
  2. Prof (Dr)Pranati Panda: NUEPA, New Delhi
  3. Prof (Dr) Nityananda Pradhan: Principal, RIE, Bhopal
  4. Prof (Dr) Kanhu Charan Sahoo: Department of Education, Vinay Bhawan, Vishwabharati
  5. Dr. Pramod Kumar Prusty, (OAS) : Temple administrator puri, Odisha
  6. Prof. (Dr) Shakti Prasad Mishra: Retd. Head, Department of Education, RIE BBSR
  7. Prof. (Dr). Snigdha Mishra, Former Deputy Director, TE&SCERT, BBSR
  8. Prof. (Dr) Trinath Das, Former Deputy Director, TE&SCERT, BBSR
  9. Retd.Head of the Department, BJB (A) College
  10. Dr. Prabodh Kumar Panda: Deputy Controller, Council of Higher Secondary Education, BBSR
  11. Prof.(Dr) Arun Kumar Samal: Retd. Principal Rajadhani College, BBSR
  12. Dr Sumati Jena: Retd. Associate Professor, BJB (A) College
  13. Ankita Roy:  Lecturer in Education, Salipur Auto College (Gold Medalist, MA;  Best Graduate in Arts in Edn Hons 80.88% &  Best All-rounder)