About Department

The Department of Hindi in B.J.B Autonomous college was established in the year 1957 and since then it has been imparting teaching in the field of Hindi to undergraduate students. From the session 2023-24, the Department has started offering Master’s degree in Hindi. Now the Department offers courses in UG level which includes 18 core papers and two generic elective papers. At the P.G. level, there are twenty core papers including the facility of choosing one special paper out of two. The total strength of faculty is one. The strength of UG students are 32 and PG students are 16.

  • The department is trying to inculcate communication and expression skills in Hindi among students.
  • To make students educe in Hindi literature and human values.
  • The Department provides a creative and cordial environment and an atmosphere of learning by multi-disciplinary interaction.
  • Motivating students in different fields of employment by pursuing Hindi literature.

Hindi is one of the officially recognized national official language of India. It has significant concentrations of speakers in several parts of Indian states, and distinctive varieties of Hindi are found in other regions of India. Hindi has a rich literary tradition i.e Bhasa Bigyan and Kabya Sastra. The devotional poets like Surdas (16th century), Tulsidas (1532-1623), and Kabir (15th century) wrote in early literary varieties of Hindi.  In modern Hindi, it is enriched with different freedom struggle like Ramadhari Singh Dinkar, Suryakant Tripathy, Nirala, Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Jayasankar Prasad.

The Department aims at providing basic fundamental knowledge in theories and traditions that imparts the contemporary Hindi literature and language. Department of Hindi offers Generic and Discipline Specific papers under CBCS UG course students. This will directly help our students for appearing different competition along with UGC NET Examination.

Department is organizing Special Lectures, National seminars in time to time. Department has organised Cultural and Literary activities like Screening Literary Quiz, Poetry recitation and students Wall Magazine for their creative literary activities.