About Department

The Department of Psychology was established in 1969. At present we have 32 seats in U.G (Hons), 16 seats in P.G. Besides this, more than 100 students study GE-Psychology. We have a sanctioned faculty strength of 4 along with 1 Lab Assistant cum Store Keeper and 1 Lab Attendant. Our faculty members teach diverse areas of psychology including physiological psychology, psychopathology counselling, positive psychology, statistics, research methodology. Apart from classroom teaching we take up cocurricular activities like seminars, value added courses and study tours. The department also successfully manages the Counselling Cell of the college. Average pass percentage of our students graduating from this department is very high.

  1. To make the Department of Psychology of B.J.B. Autonomous College, an outstanding seat of learning, creating graduates who make a mark in the society.
  2. To equip students to acquire and apply basic psychological skills to solve problems in real life situation.
  3. Empowering students to be the torch bearers in improving overall well-being of the society.
  1. To shape ourselves into a learning community where we can work, listen and respect each other.
  2. To encourage and facilitate faculty and students to work in synergy within and across discipline boundaries.
  3. To develop and pursue a curriculum that is dynamic, flexible and holistically designed to enhance creativity and cognitive thinking.

The department uses standard pedagogic tools including classroom lectures, audio-visual presentations, group discussions, seminar presentations etc. wherever necessary students are given access to relevant e-resources which enhance their knowledge base. Series of lectures and seminars by experts are designed around the course to provide extensive knowledge to students. Seminar presentations on contemporary psychological issues are done by students which develop their innovative and analytical thinking. Value Added Courses are designed to further help the students to gain proper insight into various applied side of the subject.

Extra Mural Lectures Organized

  1. “Psychology and Neuroscience” on 04-03-23.

  1. “Methods of writing a research project” on 08-02-23.

  1. “Assessment of stress: A need of hour for adolescents and their wellbeing” on 12-10-2022.

  1. “Psycho-Social Tools of Public Health Promotion” on 28.02.2022.

  1. “The Enigma of Human Nature” on 27-02-2020.

  1. “Intelligence” on 6-02-2020.

  1. “Career options in psychology” on 30-08-2019.


  1. “Use of statistics in psychology” on 21-08-19.

  1. “Clinical Psychology: Profession and Practice” on 03-08-19.

  1. “Positive Psychology” on 10-03-2019.

  1. “Knowing yourself” on 23.08.2018.

  1. “Career options in psychology” on 01-08-2018.

  1. “Positive Psychology and Personality” on 07-11-2017.
  2. “Electronic media and youth violence” on 01-12-2016.



  1. An awareness programme on the topic “World Suicide Prevention Day” was conducted on 10-09-2022.

  1. An awareness programme on the topic “Drug Abuse Prevention” was conducted on 20-02-2020.


State Level Seminar

  1. A state level special seminar on the topic “Mental Health Awareness” was organized on 13-10-2022.

National Webinar

  1. “Issues and Challenges for the Youth During COVID-19 Pandemic” on 25-01-2022.

  1. “Social anxiety disorder in college population” on 14-08-2021.

  1. “Impact of COVID-19 on students and relevance of Counselling” on 13.03.2021. 

International Webinar

  1. “Improving mental health and wellness in youth” was organized on 10-10-2020.

Outreach Program

On the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day, a street play titled “Jeena Isika Naam Hai” was performed by the students of Psychology honours on 09.09.2023.

Name: Prof.Nandita Babu

Designation: Professor, Department of Psychology University of Delhi.




Name: Prof. Namita Mohanty

Designation: Retired Professor, Department of Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar




Name: Prof. Jhumki Rath

Designation: Professor in Psychology, Department of Psychology, B.J.B Autonomous College.



Name: Prof. Bhaswati Pattanaik

Designation: Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar.



Name: Prof. Gautam Puhan

Designation: Acdemician USA.



Name: Prachi Mohapatra,

Designation: OAS.




Name: Manasi Dash

Designation:  OFS




Name: Pushpashree Sahoo

Designation:  OFS




Name: Swagatika Samantaray

Designation: Assistant Professor of Psychology. B.J.B. Higher Secondary School.



Name: Dr. Rakshi Rath

Designation: Assistant Professor, Krea University.