About Department

The Department of Philosophy was established in 1957. The department offers extensive courses to Undergraduate and Post Graduate students, and contributes to the development of knowledge frontiers in philosophy.  There are 3 sanctioned teaching posts. Student strength for UG and PG is 16. The department strives to uphold the principle of equality and it has successfully undertaken various academic activities required.

  • The vision of the Department of Philosophy is to impart quality education to the students and making them globally competent. The emphasis of the department is to study from classical philosophy to contemporary philosophical theories in both Indian and Western tradition. Keeping in mind the aforesaid goal the Department offers several new courses bearing relevance and significance in the contemporary world.

  • To provide an education that transforms students through rigorous course work and by providing critical thinking skills to reflect on their own values.

    To create an environment in which new ideas flourish that could contribute in shaping and reshaping the students with an ability of critical reasoning and analytical thinking.

B.A Honours in Philosophy

M.A in Philosophy

A Board of Studies is prepared before the start of the semester taking into consideration the syllabus of the affiliating University. The syllabus consists of the seminar, assignment and project activities to be carried out during the semester.


  1. General Philosophy
  2. Logic and Scientific Method
  3. Symbolic Logic
  4. Western Ethics (Western)
  5. History of Greek Philosophy
  6. Systems of Indian Philosophy-I
  7. Philosophy of Religion
  8. Philosophy of Bhagavad Gita
  9. Study of Western Classic
  10. Isa Upanishad
  11. Systems of Indian Philosophy-II
  12. Symbolic Logic
  13. Indian Philosophy
  14. Contemporary Indian Philosophy
  15. History of Modern European Philosophy
  16. Philosophy of Language
  17. Gandhianstudies
  18. Project/ dissertation
  19. Social and political Philosophy
  20. Applied Ethics


  1. Indian Metaphysics
  2. Western Metaphysics
  3. Western Ethics
  4. Logic
  5. Indian Political Thought
  6. Indian Epistemology
  7. Western Epistemology
  8. Applied Ethics
  9. Contemporary Socio-ethical Indian Thought
  10. Philosophical Classic (Western)
  11. Indian Ethics
  12. Philosophical Classic (Indian)
  13. Western Political Thought
  14. Department Specific Elective-A
  15. Post-Kantian Western Philosophy
  16. Phenomenology and Existentialism
  17. Philosophy of Language
  18. Department Specific Elective-B
  19. Seminar&Assignment Project/Dissertation/Field Study

One of the main goals of the philosophy curriculum is to seed and enable the honing of skills that are distinct to philosophy, but which are foundational to all forms of knowledge.

  1. The interactive question-answer sessions/quizzes are arranged by the teachers. Students are encouraged to ask more and more questions in the class.
  2. The Department has got smart boards and multimedia projectors. It promotes advanced learning of knowledge and skills among the students through the
    1. The expert lectures/invited talks are arranged by top academicians and subject experts from time to time.
    2. The national/international conferences/seminars/workshops are organized.
    3. The Department has its well-stocked library
    4. The feedback is taken from the students during and at the end of every semester.


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NUMBER OF CONFERENCES/SEMINARS/WEBINARS / WORKSHOPS/ EXTRA MURAL LECTURES ORGANISED (mention the title with date and year in respective column)




Extra mural  Lectures

State level

National level

International level





1. State-level seminar on swami Vivekananda on spiritual Humanism 21.9.2016

1.National periodical Lecture on (Why should I be moral)





2. Philosophy of religion and challenges of modern science 26.8.16







1.The Central Theme of Isa Upanishad


1.National Periodical Lecture On Concept Of Avataras inGita Govindo of Sri Jayadev 4.3.2017

1.inter disciplinary seminar on basic value in Indian culture 5.8.2017




2.Ethics of Global Warming 23.3.17







1.ICPR Sponsored periodical lecture on Environmental ethics 14.1.2018,




ICSSR sponsored National seminar ETHICS: THEORY AND PRACTICE 20.8 2018





2.World religion15.1.2018







3. Bio medical Ethics : an overview 







Seminar on Socio Political Philosophy 12.2.2019







Descartes Meditation 7.12.2022







Annual seminar on philosophy as an intellectual Enterprise 10.4.2023